The Great Declutter..

Since having children, I’ve realised that I am living in the world of clutter. I refuse to get rid of anything which might be useful at a later date! This has led to many arguments with Mr G who is a minimalist by nature, and famously threw the Christmas presents away one year as the bag was ‘in his way’.. After a conversation with a very dear blogging friend, I decided that enough was enough, the time had come when I had to deal with my clutter. If I considered how many “things” were really important or exceptionally special to me, i could count them on one hand, so how come my house is overflowing?

While Mr G has been out at work I have cleared an entire cupboard, and already can feel the veil of doom lifting! To be able to open the cupboard without being attacked by a box of oddments in our house is a miracle, and I have tackled the worst cupboard today! Hooray! Go me! The charity shop were delighted to get new stock, and someone will be delighted with whatever oddment they might find on their next visit there!

When the children go to bed this evening, I’m going to take the opportunity to deal with the corner of doom – otherwise known as the toy box. I feel ashamed at how many toys they have, and all the toddler and baby toys are sat taking up space when realistically neither child plays with them anymore. I intend to take advantage of Ebay offering free listing until the 9th September and get listing, as the cash would come in handy with Boo starting school and needing new school shoes!

Right on time a charity bag has been popped through the letter box and the bag will be collected on Monday..so time to fill it with the outgrown clothes and clothes which I haven’t worn since becoming a Mummy to Boo in 2008…yes..4 years on there are still some hiding at the back of the wardrobe!

Tomorrow I intend to tackle my shoe collection, something which I have been avoiding for far to long..wish me luck!

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  • Alison

    Oh good luck, I really need to do this as well. It’s amazing what you build up. oooh free ebay listing, goes off to look 🙂