The End of (another)School Year…

The End of (another) School Year.

This school year is ending in the most peculiar manner. Currently two of my children are self-isolating along with the rest of their year groups.

One child comes out of isolation to return to school for a half day on Friday. Which, I suppose it means he will actually end the year at school.

Unlike the other self-isolating child.

The other child should be finishing his school year today. Instead, he will be online learning seeing his classmates on a screen. It’s not quite how any of us thought the term would end. But, it’s ok. We are in the midst of a pandemic.

Middle boy has some how made it through year 5. I can’t quite believe he will be going into his final year of Primary school next year. He did really well during lockdown home school, but hated not being with his friends. So, I feel sad that he and the rest of his year are missing the end of term hijinks. His school report says he’s doing well, but needs to read more. So, I’m hoping to tackle that a little over the holidays. The difficulty is that he is not keen on any books anyone else has read, so I’m taking my time to curate a list of new books which he might like to read.

The youngest child at school, is actually finishing the school year – at school! She is finishing year 2, and moving onto year 3 excitedly. Apparently she’s really pleased with her teacher for next year which is good news. It feels like only yesterday she was starting school. She’s an avid reader, and I confess to not providing her with enough new material. I’ve promised to find her new books to read this summer too – specifically the rest of The Worst Witch books!

Youngest starts pre-school I hope in September, which is exciting and a challenge he really does need! With lockdowns and all things pandemic, he didn’t start last year, so September will be a giant leap! But one I think he will really enjoy!