BBQ Essentials…

Collaborative post.

It’s BBQ season – yes even if the forecast is for rain over the next week, I still anticipate a BBQ in between the showers! I have to confess that until recently we were stuck in a rut with our BBQ offerings. But, we have made some simple changes to our barbecue essentials, meaning we’re looking forwards to BBQ’s once again!


One thing we’ve looked at when BBQ’ing is meat. Do we need meat to BBQ? What meat, and what alternatives? There are so many alternatives to meat, from Fish to Beetroot burgers and Halloumi. Personally, I love grilled Halloumi and it is now always on our BBQ menu.


I always used to go out of my way to make lots of salad, which invariably got wasted. Instead I will offer up a homemade slaw and a variety of crudites rather than a traditional salad. This mix and match approach appears to leave less wastage! Oh, and home made potato wedges are a must – so easy to make and cheap too!


Sauces, we’ve discovered Real Good Ketchup which contains¬†100% natural ingredients, naturally-occurring sugars and 78% less salt than regular ketchups!
Flavour wise it tastes much more of a rich tomato sauce and less acidic than other brands. It is great as a dip or with your BBQ food. They also do a barbecue sauce flavour, but I think it is still very much a tomato sauce with a hint of smokey. Great for all the family!


Well, you can’t have a barbecue without marshmallows in my house! Smores are a popular choice, as are toasting marshmallows on over the flames! If you don’t like marshmallows, I love barbecued pineapple! Yes it’s actually a fabulous desert and looks amazing when served, I like to serve it with ice-cream! You can leave out the rum if you’d prefer too.

So, that’s how our barbecues are looking this season!