Absolute Beginner, Patsy Kensit Autobiography

I really began to admire Patsy Kensit when I saw her develop the character of Sadie King in Emmerdale, she made the character one I loved to hate! Getting the chance to review her Autobiography, I was excited as to be honest although I knew she’d been in several films, I didn’t really know anything about Patsy Kensit!

The book is written as though you are being spoken to directly, so it’s very easy to read and become absorbed in. I did initially find myself feeling a little uncomfortable as it almost felt as though an early chapter was just dedicated to name dropping, but then I realised that actually this was just all part of the extraordinary story of Patsy Kensit. Kensit’s autobiography has made me sigh, laugh and weep, I’ve been touched by the way she candidly shares her experiences growing up in the public eye. The criminal connections of her father, the devastating loss of her Mother, her marriages and the amazing career she has led, I can’t help but wondering where life will take this amazing woman next? I found myself looking to Kensit as she wrote about the surgery which led to a hysterectomy and an early menopause. This isn’t easy for any woman to experience and I admire the way she writes about her fears, sadness and coming through it. A wonderful insight into the life of a true star, with some amazing personal images.

Patsy Kensit, absolute beginner is out now from all good book suppliers.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of the book for the purposes of review.