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Simple business branding with Logojoy

If you’re in business, you’ll know it’s really important to get a good logo. But where to start?

Personally, I have no idea where to start creating a logo on the computer! I might be able to draw out what I want, but digitally create it? No!

So, I could pay someone to create the design I want, or look for a site which can do it for me. Thankfully Logojoy came to my rescue. I had to select logos I liked the look of from a list. Then select colours which I liked. This enabled Logojoy to get an idea of the style I was looking to create for my Logo.

With their easy to use site I was quickly able to create a logo – even before registering. Registering is really simple, they ask for minimal details and it took minutes. Registering means you can play with the design they have created for you – without a commitment to purchase. I thought this was a really helpful feature, as it allowed me to tweak my logo knowing that if I couldn’t get it right I wasn’t going to be forced to pay anyway.

The final logo which I settled on, took around an hour from start to finish. That included time where I discussed options with Mr G and played with the options to change appearance.

I really like the finished design as it’s modern, simple and stylish! It also means I now need to overhaul the blog to get the colours right – so watch this space!

Is Logojoy expensive?

I think that Logojoy offers really good value. The basic package is $20 USD, it offers a Low Resolution logo with no option for changes or support. But, it is ideal for start ups or perhaps if you’re running e.g. a pre-school on a budget.

The premium package is $65 USD, this offers a High Resolution Logo with lifetime support, copyright ownership and details of the fonts used. This also comes with lots of extras e.g. a transparent image and a black and white version. You can also make changes to your original design.

Would I recommend Logojoy?

I’ve been really impressed with how easy it was to use their site. How quickly the logo was designed and the instant download. I don’t think they offer very complicated logos, but what they offer looks very professional. I’m delighted with my new logo!


Disclaimer: I received a premium logo package and was compensated for my time but all opinions are my own



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