Scalextric for age 3+ – My First Scalextric

The boys love Scalextric, but when Yo tries to join in it’s an utter disaster. The controls are sensitive, and she ends up with a car flying off the track on a bend! Much to the frustration of Mr G who treats our Scalextric cars with real care! Luckily..

We were sent a My First Scalextric which is specifically aimed at the younger members of the family – aged 3 and over!



What makes the My First Scalextric special?

Designed for little hands, it gives younger members of the family the chance to race! The controllers are smaller and lighter than standard ones. There’s also no fear of cars flying off at the corners – unless you try really hard! Simple cars, one yellow, one red without bits which will break off in the event of crashing off the track! The cars may be simple, but they are still lovely looking toy cars!


My First Scalextric – Learning to play

Scalextric sets might all be about racing, but I think they are quite useful in learning about winning and losing too! Yo likes to sit and “practice” racing with only her car on the track. It’s really good for hand eye co-ordination, and she concentrates really hard which is cute to watch! (If anyone is worried, the wire is not usually in the way of the track, it’s there as I was making Yo wait while I took a photo!)

Play alone?

In my view it isn’t a play alone toy, it does need supervision. Yo happily drives her cars along on her own or with someone racing her, but I wouldn’t leave her unattended with the set. The track is quite simple to set up – follow the colours and keep them pointing in the same direction. However, little hands need some adult help to click the pieces together properly.

Good Value?

I think the My First Scalextric is a great toy for Christmas. It enables younger members of the family to feel part of the fun when the Scalextric sets come out after Christmas lunch! Costing £39.99 it is a good value set which will provide many hours of fun!


Disclaimer: We were sent this set for an honest review.