Favourite Halloween Party Tips!

Halloween seems to be becoming more popular in the UK. Every year I see more events and invitations! But what if you’re like me and are unsure where to begin your own celebrations? It’s only since the boys are getting bigger, and asking to do things for Halloween that I’ve had to participate. So, I’m quite new to celebrating it really! So, I’ve trawled my favourite blogs for top tips on how to make my Halloween celebrations a success!

Halloween Toddler art

Halloween Drinks

When I was a child, every Halloween we’d make fruit punch. We’d use a variety of fruit juices, and then chop up apples and drop them into the huge punch bowl. This fruit punch was as important to me on Halloween as a pumpkin, it was a family tradition! It wasn’t exactly a spooky drink though! Thankfully Amanda over at The Ana Mum Diary has shared some fabulous spooky cocktail recipes!

Halloween Treats

You can’t have a good party without a selection of treats! Toffee Apples scream Halloween and Bonfire night to me, but I always resort to buying them premade. Thankfully, Michelle over at The Purple Pumpkin Blog has a super simple way to make Homemade Caramel Apples which I can’t wait to try out! I think it’s great to get the children involved in the party preparation, and what better way is there than to do some baking? Kate On Thin Ice has a super simple recipe for baking Spider cupcakes! My children think they’re the perfect trick or treat bake, due to the liquorice spider legs – you either love it or hate it right?!

Spooky Décor!

What better way to welcome your guests than with a spooky Wreath? I love this idea from Ali at Incredibusy as it will use up the masses of conkers my children collect each Autumn! For décor indoors.. how about hiding some Shrunken Apple Heads around the party room? I have to say I think they look really hideous – perfect for Halloween!

So that’s how I’m going to get our Halloween party ready this year!