Knuma Huddle Bedside Crib – First impressions.

The Knuma Huddle is a bedside crib or co-sleeping safely. It’s suitable from birth, until baby is approx. 6months. The joy of a bedside crib is the ability to settle baby in their own sleeping space, and without having the struggle to lower them into a Moses basket without waking them!


Knuma Bedside Crib

Is the Knuma Huddle easy to build?

The instructions are rather vague. In about half an hour I managed to assemble the bassinet by myself. I did have to do some minor rebuilds along the way. Building the bassinet was quite easy!

Knuma Huddle

However, that’s where the simplicity ended. I tried unsuccessfully to build the stand. Then Mr G joined in, and we admitted we needed some help as it wouldn’t fit together as easily as the diagram showed!


We contacted Knuma, who sent some further instructions over to resolve the problem. They also offered to help talk us through the process. The new instructions were much clearer. We managed to build the stand, but, it does feel as though the wood is under quite a lot of stress. The bassinet is really lovely, I’m just uncertain how durable the stand will be!

Overall first impressions.

We did find construction a nightmare, but I think we were just unlucky as I have spoken to others who have built it easily. Knuma customer care has been excellent, and I’ve no doubt if we have any further problems they will be quick to assist us.

The Knuma Huddle looks lovely, and the fact it can be turned into a desk and stool once out grown as a bedside crib is a great selling point. We’ll post an update once baby arrives and we’ve had a chance to use the crib!



Disclaimer: We were sent the Knuma Huddle for the purposes of an honest review.