Room For Improvement – £50 Room Makeover!

MoneySupermarket.com challenged bloggers to participate in a challenge to take £50 and do up one room in their home. The Room for Improvement challenge is right up my street as our home is in much need of some TLC! I started by deciding which room to tackle, and initially I decided to tackle the dining room but realised quickly that all I really need in there is some new curtains! Then I looked at our bedroom and realised that this was a room in desperate need of improvement! It took ages to de-clutter this tiny room, I’m a terrible hoarder and I forgot (actually was too embarrassed…) to photograph the clutter before as it was such a mission to empty the room out ready for painting.

After consulting some colour charts, we decided to paint the room a light blue colour as we hoped it might help make the room seem more spacious. So £14.99 went on a pot of paint from Homebase and £5.99 on a roller. As you can see from the original photo our curtains were revolting, (I have to confess they were already in the house when we moved in almost 4years ago) so I really wanted to change them but obviously not blow our budget! A trip to Argos bought us a black out blind for £12.94 and while Mr G had to trim it to fit our strange sized window it was worth every penny. I’ve used an old brooch to attach to the bottom of the blind, when it’s up it adds a nice detail to it.

I grabbed this lamp shade from the carboot, it’s not perfect, but costing just £1 I’m sure with a little glue I can correct the loose ribbon!

We also decided to address our need to display the junk precious things I find while out and about being thrifty! So we decided to invest in a shelf, we looked everywhere and I was being ultra fussy, Mr G was not impressed! Luckily for him, we found a brand new one (still sealed) at the car boot for a bargain price of £5 – I love the design of it and think it works well in our room! 

I was then able to indulge my love of thrifty shopping and while searching for a new vase to use in our room I came across these:

I love these little dishes, and they are the perfect colour to go with our room, I jumped at them for the bargain price of a £2!

Last but not least, the room needed some fresh flowers, and I used a tea light lantern I picked up in a local sale for £1 as a vase with some flowers cut from our garden.


Our total spend was: £42.92 and I’m hoping to use the remaining money to buy the bits I need to paint the window frame which as you can see is in dire need of painting!

Disclaimer: Moneysupermarket.com provided me with £50 to participate in the Room for Improvement Challenge