Glam Goo Deluxe Slime Kit – Review

Having seen the adverts on tv for Glam Goo we were quite keen to try it out. So when we got the opportunity to review it I was intrigued to see what we all thought of it!

Slime is really popular at the moment, kids are all wanting to make it. I have to be honest I am not keen to make it as it sounds messy!  Glam Goo comes with ready made slime – the perfect texture!

To start playing you need to cover the area you’ll be using to play. We used an old tin lid so we can easily reuse it with each play.

There was much giggling as the slime was stickier than we had thought and we hadn’t  put everything ready! I now know I need to remind every one to get the pots open before touching the Slime!

The set comes with recipes to mix and create different looks of goo/slime along with all the ingredients you need. I really like not needing to add ingredients to the set.


The handbag case has little divider sections which you mix the goo in. You can mix and store multiple goos. The handbag stores all the ingredients and the mixed goo too. It is a very neat way to store a “messy play” item.

The handbag can also display one of the glam goo which has been created in the heart at the front. We thought this was a great idea as it made the case really unique.

I think Glam Goo is  a really clever set, it can easily be transported on a play date safely in the bag. Or perhaps take some goo on a day out in the ring!

Play Value

Sparkling goo, colourful goo, it’s fascinating! We have genuinely had lots of fun with this set. Glam Goo is a super way to join in with the slime trend without any fuss. It’s been hugely popular with my 7 year old and friends. Great fun as a quiet activity but often leads into some sort of imaginative play.

Glam Goo Deluxe Kit is aimed at children aged 6 years and over.


Disclaimer: Item received for purposes of an honest review.