Super Simple – Super Fruit Iced Tea

I often find it difficult to find a tall non-alcoholic summer drink to enjoy on long hot afternoons or evenings out. This was always especially difficult when I was pregnant and trying to limit my caffeine intake too! teapigs super fruit tea is naturally caffeine free and perfect for making a divine iced tea!

This is my ever so simple recipe for a Berry Iced Tea, which looks fantastic and tastes superb!

Use a heat proof jug and add 2 Super Fruit tea teapigs temples, add approximately 2 cups of boiling water, then add a tea spoonful of honey and one teaspoonful of sugar. Let the tea infuse for 3-4minutes then remove the tea temples!

Take a cupful of frozen mixed berries and add them to the bottom of the jug you’re going to serve your iced tea in, add a cup full of cold water and then slowly pour the hot tea on top. You should have a mixture which looks a bit like this:

Put the jug into the fridge for a couple of hours to chill, then enjoy in a tall glass!

This is a very sweet iced tea, you could omit the spoonful of sugar and add a squeeze of lime if you prefer a sharper iced tea. Watch out for more recipes with tea coming soon!

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  Disclaimer: I was sent a selection of teapigs temples to try out, all thoughts about the product, images and the recipe are my own.