Red Faced but not humiliated!

I did it, I went and joined the gym and showed how incredibly unfit I am to an actual instructor. Before we even started I explained that not only am I over-weight I am also aware that my fitness has declined dramatically. As soon as I stepped on the treadmill the familiarity of the machine came back to me, and I felt quite comfortable. Admittedly, I was devastated at how little I can do and how red my face went, I’m not going to lie, I think my 85year old neighbour could have done a better job! But this was day one, and it’s the start of my journey.

I’ve deliberately chosen a gym which isn’t a loud body pumping one, this is exactly what has put me off many other gyms! It has everything I need and want, without the smell of sweat and the music blaring loudly so it can be heard over the sound of the hundreds of machines pumping away in the background. I’ve been swimming, and was pleased that I not only achieved the lengths I wanted, but also pushed myself so I completed 4 more than I had aimed for!

Tomorrow I have another gym session planned, and I’m quite looking forward to it, I’m aware it’s early days, but for me I think the hardest part has been getting started! I’ve skated around, trying things out once or twice over the last few months, and this is the first time I’ve committed to anything! The boys are already benefiting as Mr G & I took both boys for a family swim which we’ve never managed to do as before, it went so well we’re planning on making it a regular Sunday activity! Mr G’s words “After 10minutes in the water I felt about 10years younger..” and he is anything but a fan of swimming!