Muddy Puddle fun!

We love being outside as a family, and I must confess I’ve found the dismal wet weather a challenge to say the least! Boo is very active, he loves to run about as a pirate or a knight and imagine tigers have escaped or that there is a dragon living in a tree!  Playtime outside seems to have been limited for several weeks, often resulting in us running for cover with only a clap of thunder for warning!

In between the rain there was some glorious sunshine this week, and the boys and I ventured out to play making the most of being outside while it was dry. Boo decided we should play car recovery, a game which basically  involved driving a toy car into the mud and then recovering it with his digger! Inevitably this was a very muddy game..

Yes he has made a trench in the garden..

Getting absolutely caked in mud and soaked through wasn’t exactly my aim for the afternoon, but I have to confess it brought back many memories of making ‘mud pies’ as a youngster! I remember my own Mother was never terribly impressed by how muddy I used to come in from the garden! Elvis decided sitting in puddles was a more exciting adventure, resulting in at least two changes of trousers and some very soggy welly boots! A load of washing and a warm bath later, the only evidence (apart from this photo) of this muddy outdoor adventure is E’s soggy boots still trying to dry in the airing cupboard!