Reducing your plastic #GoPlasticfree

I sometimes think I should be able to function completely plastic free by now, as we have been trying to reduce our plastic for a while. But, with a busy family we sometimes slip up. Today is 1st July, and the start of Go Plastic Free. So I’m using that as the motivation I need to really assess the areas of our life where we could further reduce our plastic reliance.

Plastic Free Victories

I think our biggest victory has to be our plastic free home baking. I am not someone who is a natural star baker, but I’ve learnt to bake bread, biscuits and cake. This saves a huge amount of plastic, and money too. I have to admit we ended buying shop bought for a few weeks, and it was astonishing how much plastic accumulated. in a matter of days.

Areas to reduce our Plastic Use

The kitchen is still an area we can reduce our plastic consumption. We try to buy things plastic free, but it is a struggle when you’re on a tight budget.

I’ve noticed some tins are lined with plastic and I’m uncertain as to whether they can be recycled in the same way as non-lined tinned or not. I also wonder why tins which are plastic lined are not clearly marked.

I’ve a very guilty pleasure of keeping frozen fruits in the freezer for days when I am in a hurry. But, those fruits generally come in plastic bags. I have found a local farm shop who sells frozen fruit loose, but the price is much higher. So, my intention is to freeze some of our own crop of fruits this year. We have a big crop of fruit, so I need to create freezer space! I also think we could reduce our plastic and carbon footprint by only eating locally grown fruit and vegetables in season.

I’ll be writing daily about our efforts. You can also follow me over on instagram; DANCINGINMYWELLIES