New Family Home? Home Design Checklist

Collaborative Post

Having a family might mean you start thinking about buying a family home. But, with a family there are so many more things to consider when you’re choosing your home. I mean, before children living within catchment to a good school wouldn’t have been a consideration to many people. But, as soon as you have a family…schools are a serious consideration! Suddenly, things like play parks, or open spaces are important, as you’re going to want those spaces to let the children run! So, location is increasingly important.

But, it’s not just about location. Other things become important too. Pre-children, homes painted all white with immaculate interiors and a perfect patio for outdoor space were at the top of my agenda. Having children, I now know that white interiors are more hassle than they’re worth! Oh, and patio? No, give me a patch of grass for the children to play on any day! This infographic is a handy list of things you may wish to consider when choosing your new home.

Checklist created by Millbrook Modular Homes

Of course, you may need to make compromises to find your ideal family home. Décor can be altered, fences built, but you do need to factor in the costs of alterations. Plus, remember that you can’t alter the location. So it is really important to take the time to carefully check out the area before you decide to move!