Nostalgic weekends.

It’s Friday – Hoorah! I still get the same rush at the thought of tomorrow being Saturday as I did as a child looking forward to a day off, although now I’m not sure Saturday’s really are a day off at all.. Boo still gets up by 6am and bounces up and down on the bed squealing “Come on….I want you to get up now!!!!!” (sound familiar to anyone else?!). The morning routine is much the same as any other day, I make breakfast in a sort of zombie state, trying to make sure I put sugar and not salt into the tea and that sort of thing. 

The nice thing about the weekend, isn’t just the lack of racing around the house in the morning trying to find where Boo has put his left school shoe, or realising that we’ve run out of everything which could possibly constitute a packed lunch, it’s the spending time together as a family, making plans and creating memories. I have very fond memories of childhood weekends spent walking in woodland, clambering through scrap yards, feeding the ducks at the park or racing about in the garden. Of course, there’s a running theme there, all of those things take place outside. 

I discovered while Boo had chicken pox, that cabin fever rapidly took hold, and a spell of “gardening” was ideal for relieving the boredom! I use the inverted comas, as with the best will in the world, the boys aren’t exactly helpful when it comes to gardening, they seem to prefer demolition, and I am quite possibly the most inept gardener ever.. Our favourite weekends as a family, are much like mine were as a child, time spent running about in the great outdoors or exploring new places. We have a list of places we long to visit, and we are working through them slowly, although it is always being added to so it’s not a list I anticipate ever finishing, but I like it that way!

What are your favourite ways to spend a weekend? xx