Make Breakfast fabulous with Jordan’s!

I’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I have to confess when I take the time to actually eat breakfast I do have more energy! Jordan’s sent us some of their products to try out and I have to confess I was surprised with how popular the granola proved to be with the boys! The boys love having cereal for breakfast, and as it’s easy to serve them I am more than happy to serve them a bowl of it in the morning! But I like to make sure I’m choosing healthy, tasty options for them, Jordan’s offer a great variety of tasty healthy breakfast options! 

The Super Berry granola is full of berries, which make the granola look really colourful, but you’re safe in the knowledge that it contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. I enjoyed eating it with fresh pineapple on the side, and it was as easy to prepare as a cup of tea!

Both of my boys really enjoyed the granola, and I think they benefited from the extra goodness in the cereal as they seemed to be full of energy and not asking for a snack until a later than normal! Be ware this granola is so tasty you’ll find everyone trying to eat it straight out the pack! 

We were also sent some great Luxury Absolute Nut bars, now Mr G is terrible at eating breakfast before work as he’s always in a hurry! His breakfast options tend to be unhealthy, and with the big 4-0 approaching, we’ve decided it’s time he started to look after himself better! The luxury nut bars are literally packed full of nuts, with nuts peaking out at every bite! Packed full of hazelnuts, pecans and almonds, the bars are full of fibre and made a great breakfast on the go, especially when served with a slice of melon!

 It just goes to show, breakfast can be fun, healthy and simple even on the go! 

Disclaimer: We were sent the products for the purposes of a review, all thoughts and images are my own.