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Music for Kids: Pirate Recorder set!

For quite a while Boo has been showing an interest in learning more about music, infact Grandad dug out an old recorder and encouraged him to play it, which he did happily, although tunelessly and without allowing anyone to help! So when we got offered the opportunity to review a Pirate Recorder set we knew Boo would love to have a go!

Kids Recorder Set

There are two sets available, Princess or Pirate, we opted for Pirates! The set arrives in a nice box, complete with the recorder, stickers, recorder case, book, cd and finger chart.

Starting to play!

Boo was keen to get started and we followed the book to play his first note which he was delighted with, and just to ensure we were playing the right note we put the CD on. The CD follows the book, and provides a fun aid to helping your child learn to play a basic tune. At the end of the CD and book your child can perform the two songs they’ve learnt with a great little backing track, which includes a concert introduction and even applause!  It is helpful to ensure your child is playing the correct note, as each exercise is played out on the CD, so the book and CD really work together well!

What did we think?

 Boo enjoyed the set, especially using some stickers to personalise his recorder!  I felt it was a shame that they didn’t include more of a pirate theme to the book/music and also teach a little more than the first two notes within the book. There is a great chart included to help you learn more notes, but there is nothing to use them with which is a shame and a slightly older child may be frustrated by this. Having said that, I think overall it is a great way to encourage your child to get playing. Priced at £9.99 they’re great value starter sets.

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