McKeyla’s Glue Tattoo Mc2 Doll Review

McKeyla’s Glue Tattoo doll was sent to us for review. The doll is based on the character from the Netflix series Project Mc2.

McKeyla Doll

McKeyla comes with a comb shaped like a chemistry flask, a unicorn horn headband and a mask.

She has super soft long rainbow coloured hair. I think she has quite a realistic face, her eyelashes are 3d and give her eyes the impression of being really “real”. I was impressed to see that her boots are designed so that they fit her perfectly, but are easy to pull on and off.

We liked the fact that she’s jointed so easy to pose. The doll is aimed at children aged 6 +. She is very well secured into the packaging – adult assistance is required! We struggled to get the last plastic tags out of her head! While unpacking the doll we discovered that arms and legs do come off. Thankfully they are easy to push back on!

Tattoo Experiment

So, one of the selling points of this doll is the tattoo experiment. The doll comes with a mixing bucket, paint brush and stencils to tattoo with. You do need to remember to get Craft Glue, Corn Flour (corn starch), food colouring, and glitter! Instructions are included and easy to follow.

In principal it’s a really easy and fun activity. Unfortunately my 7 year old struggled with the stencils. We kept finding that the mix had gone under the stencil – even when it was taped down.

My attempts were mildly better. We did find they took longer than 15 minutes to be really dry though – so it’s worth checking them!

Overall thoughts

The doll is beautiful to look at, but I don’t like that her limbs pop off even though they can be easily put back on. I fear that with time the limbs won’t go back on. The inclusion of the tattoo experiment is great, it adds a great play aspect to the doll. Though I must admit I was slightly frustrated that none of the ingredients were included. Would we have had a go at Glitter tattoos without the doll? No, and we really enjoyed having a go at that!