Luxury Baby Bath time Essentials

Bathing baby should be one of the most special and relaxing moments you can share with your baby. I’ve a few products which I’ve discovered make bathing special for me as well as baby!

We use a flexibath, this might sound daft but the material used in the flexibath is soft – no rough or hard surfaces for baby to bump against. I also love the fact that it folds flat and can be stored easily in the bathroom without taking up lots of space! They are also ideal for taking on holiday with you as they don’t take up space and if you’re camping and have older children with you, you may find them either jumping into it for a bath or using it for water play!



Little Green Sheep Organic baby towel, this is ridiculously soft and you will want one all for yourself, but sadly this is aimed at your bundle of joy! It does make bath time easier though as anyone who has ever bathed a baby will tell you how slippery they are especially when they decide to wriggle around post bath! The cocoon towel enables you to wrap baby safely in a similar way to using a swaddle blanket, it has a pouch for baby’s feet to slide into and an adorable hood to keep them cosy post bath! Once wrapped in the towel you know you can get a safe grip and baby looks rather cute wrapped in it to. Be warned, it’s so snuggly soft baby will want to have a snooze in it..


Sophie La Girafe range of organic baby skin care makes our bath time smell fabulous and leaves skin super soft!


My absolute must have for baby bath time is the hair and body wash, the lather is super soft, the scent is subtle but heavenly and while it is a luxury product a daily bath wouldn’t be the same without it! The baby oil has the same subtle scent and has helped baby Yo’s tremendously dry feet. The Sophie la Girafe baby oil contains a blend of organic oils (including olive) white tea and extracts of lavender all aiming to help soothe, protect and moisturise skin. I have to confess, I have loved using the body lotion myself, yes it might be made for baby, but Mummy’s stretched skin needs a little TLC too! The body lotion is soothing on itchy stretch marks and leaves skin looking better. My sons have also given the body lotion a big thumbs up as they like the fact it is quickly absorbed into their skin, and with winter on the way a rich body lotion which is quickly absorbed has never been so important!


Disclaimer: We were sent the Little Green Sheep Cocoon towel and Sophie la Girafe products for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.