5 steps to Green Living with a baby..

As a busy parent, is it possible to live an ethical lifestyle and have a baby? Many of my friends shake their heads and announce that it just takes up too much time, and it’ll be expensive. So I’m sharing 5 ways to Green Living with baby, which won’t break the bank!

green living baby

1. Avoid disposable nappies..

Disposable nappies are a huge polluter. They go into landfill, and stay they for years! I think disposable nappies are seen as the “easy” option, and real nappies are still perceived as “hard work”. However, reusable nappies are actually quite easy to use, look much nicer on baby AND I think they are kinder to skin too!

2. Choose Organic brands..

Why choose organic brands? Avoiding chemical exposure for yourself and your family, plus those who have been involved in making the items. I have certain Organic brands which I love. Other items I am struggling to find a “good” and reasonably priced.. organic alternative, but I’m getting there!


3. Buying plastic toys?

Plastic toys, I have friends who ban them out right. BUT, are they so bad if they have a great play value and can be passed onto other children? I have mixed views – perhaps not wholly eco-friendly! But, there’s no point buying beautiful wooden toys if your tiny tot just wants to play with plastic animals! Choose toys with care, don’t over purchase – especially for babies! They don’t need every toy, or they will be over stimulated!

4. Choose Clothes Carefully..

I would love to say that I only dress my children in head to toe ethically sourced organic cotton. However, I don’t. Babies in particular grow quickly! I choose a couple of new beautiful (and ethical!) clothes new. The rest of their clothes are second hand. Actually, many of the baby clothes for my current bump are actually clothes which I have held onto from the older children! Don’t be afraid to buy baby clothes second hand. You’ll save money, and you’ll not be adding to the mass of textiles which end up going to landfill each year.

5. Weaning..

Make your own baby food! You’ll know exactly what is in it, and you’ll avoid creating rubbish – even if it can be recycled do you really need to create that waste to begin with? I found the easiest way was to batch cook it on a weekend, and then freeze it! Yes, it did take a little time, but actually I quite enjoyed it! If you don’t want to make your own baby food (yes it is a faff..) try baby led weaning! I found baby led weaning worked really well for us, and it was so much easier!