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Let me tell you a secret.. #Blogtober16

Let me tell you a secret..

I want to take up Yoga..

I have found a class nearby..

I can make it..

The class costs £6 a week..

I have childcare..



I also have a fear..



I fear..

The humiliation..

The humilation of..

Getting stuck..

In a yoga position..

In a room full of ladies..

Most of whom are at least 15 years older than me..

While I try to contort myself..

Into a random Yoga pose..

But, if I don’t try it, how will I know?


So, I really want to go to Yoga, and while I’m usually quite confident at trying out new things, this Yoga thing has got me in a spin! I’m genuinely terrified of getting stuck, or beng unable to keep up! I’m flexible, but I lack core strength, so do I give it a whirl? Maybe I should find a yoga class further afield, just until I learn the basics? What would YOU do? x