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Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air Review

Baby Bjorn carriers have been one of our baby essentials ever since we had our second child in 2011. They keep baby close and secure, leaving you hands free. Essential if you’re also chasing a lively toddler around!

The Baby Bjorn Air One is a 3 way carrier. As baby grows, the position to carry baby in alters.

Baby Bjorn One Air

The Baby Bjorn One Air is lightweight, made from a breathable mesh fabric which is super soft. This makes it comfortable to wear and it looks comfy for baby  too. I’d imagine it would be super for wearing during warm weather too – helping keep baby and I cool.


With padded shoulder and waist straps, the Baby Bjorn One Air is really comfortable to wear. Putting the carrier on is super simple and positioning baby couldn’t be easier. There’s a clever “newborn postitioner” which helps sit baby into the correct position for comfort and safety. The clips which secure the carrier are easy to do up and feel secure once they  are clicked into place. It’s also easy to adjust so whether it is myself or Mr G wearing it’s quick to make it fit!


We have only worn the One Air with a  newborn at the moment, so I can’t comment on wearing it with an older child yet. But, I will update once we have had the chance to wear it in different ways!

I love the flexibility of baby wearing. When I’ve not got enough space in the boot for the pushchair or when I am going somewhere inaccessible with a pram the carrier saves the day. It also comes in handy on those days when baby just won’t be put  into their bed but you need to get on with things!

I am delighted with the One Air, having owned an original design carrier I did wonder what I would think of the newer design. Comparing the two, I think it offers greater versatility to carrier your baby into their toddler years. A wide range of colours (and  the colours on offer are wonderful) which are lots of fun and you can wash the carrier at 40c so no need to fear about marks!  I am a huge fan!