Keep Active Indoors with Wicked Vision

We were challenged to keep active by Wicked Vision, and try out some of their cool toys! They sent us an indoor Booma boomerang, a Ukick and a skipping rope. The best bit about these, is that the Boomerang and UKick can be used indoors!

Indoor Boomerang

The Indoor Booma Boomerang is light weight, and so can be used with care indoors quite safely. The boys enjoyed working out how to throw it, and were amazed when it came back! It lead to plenty of debates about how it worked. They did try using it outside, but it is too flimsy to work outdoors and the wind took it into hedges repeatedly – it really is an indoor boomerang! We though it was lots of fun!


The UKick is great fun for testing your foot skills. My eldest son is always kicking a football in the house and being told off! So the UKick was a great way to keep him busy without me needing to worry that he might break things! He has loved kicking it around and seeing how many times he can kick it up without dropping it. I think he’s got faster on his feet over time. The one thing we did notice is that over time the feathers at the top of the UKick were damaged. Even with the feather damage, I think this is our favourite of the 3 toys. As it is a little different to anything we have seen before, and it is great fun for my football crazy child!

Jump Rope

Mega Jump Single Jump Rope – a lightweight skipping rope, it was long enough that I could use it! It was a great lesson in why skipping is a great way to keep fit! Minimal expensive to buy, and a great way to do some cardio! We really enjoyed taking it in turns to use this and see how many times we could jump rope! I think it’s lots of fun.

Overall, I think the products are fun, and quite good value to keep the family active! You can also save 20% at using code: DANCING20