5 Things to Do At Home

I had written multiple posts on how to keep your children busy while you’re at home, but they’re all sat in drafts. Anyway, selfishly I’ve decided to share 5 ways to keep busy at home. Perhaps as much as anything else to remind myself of the things I’ve done during this strange time!

Read A Book

A book can transport you to another place, so while you may be sat at home, a book can take you elsewhere. Don’t have a book? You can read lots for free via Amazon, or many libraries are offering free e-book loans too. No e-reader? No problem – download one of the many e-reader apps. Don’t like reading or struggle to read (something I am finding a problem at the moment – I can’t concentrate on a book for very long!) try audible! I really need to sign up for a trial.

Get in touch with an old friend.

The one thing about being at home has reminded me, is how nice it is too keep in touch with people. Lockdown has meant I can get in touch with old friends, but not feel pressure to put a date in the diary for a coffee – which is often stressful and complicated as you try to work out when works and when doesn’t! (Or is that just me?!).

Get your bake on.

This is a tricky one, as I know lots of people are struggling with ingredients. I know I’m sat waiting for a delivery of bread flour which is running late. But, in the spirit of being stuck at home, get your bake on! So far I have perfected cinnamon buns, Chelsea buns and soft bread rolls, but now I’m out of flour… So, I’ve been working on meringues, as eggs and sugar I do have! I’m hoping that by the end of lock down I’ll have perfected my choux pastry…anyone have any tips?!

Make a list…

So, I’ve found one of the worst things about lock down is not being able to make plans, and having plans cancelled. However, I have already made a list of things I want to do which I can’t do until after lock down has ended. Top of the list is swimming at my favourite beach – obviously! Actually most of the things I want to do relate to the great outdoors – a camping trip, mountains, wild swims.

Look around you.

There seems to be bees everywhere, an abundance of butterflies, and just so many birds singing each day that it’s like there’s a whole chorus going on in the hedges! I’ve been watching the bats flying around at about 9pm, and listening to owls hooting loudly. Have I ever done these things before? Yes, but not for many, many years. I think, while my days are more chaotic and busy than ever, I’ve begun to appreciate the quiet in the evenings after everyone else is in bed. Instead of slumping in the sofa, I’ve stepped outside into the quiet and been able to listen and too watch. There’s something amazing about the smell of the early evening, an a really magic calm about it all. I wonder, maybe it is like it every night even before lock down, but I’ve just not had time to notice?