I want a Mr Joe Brown!

The day Mr G and I got together, he was wearing a green cable jumper with a beige cable jumper underneath.. Yes, it was as terrible as it sounds, but somehow I saw through this! When I finally got my hands on his wardrobe, I realised there was a distinct ‘green and beige’ theme, and let’s face it they’re not the most exciting colours are they? After several months of careful persuasion, Mr G started to wear colour and was no longer the green man. 
He is however taking some time to learn that everything should be in moderation:

Yes Mr G, I am naming and shaming you publicly, and just be thankful I didn’t take the photo while you had your sandals on with your socks!

SO, this post is my plea to be considered as Mr and Mrs Joe Browns, as you can see Mr G really needs some styling help, so do I but his need is greater! Or imagine what he’ll be wearing on our honeymoon?!!

I can imagine Mr G wearing this with a pair of jeans and smart brown shoes:

Photo Joe Browns.

As for me, I’m struggling to sort my wardrobe out, changing shape post children has left me struggling to decide what works and what really doesn’t!

I adore this dress, whether it would suit me I’m not sure but it’s such a pretty print, ideal for a romantic dinner for two:

Photo: Joe Browns

This is my entry into the Mr and Mrs Joe Brown Contest.