IMO Q2 Pro – Review

We were sent the IMO Q2 Pro for review. The IMO Q2 Pro is a compact phone, in minimal packaging. The phone runs on android, and is easy to set up. The perfect starter phone, but with capability to do most things someone would want a phone to do. With a great value price point – RRP £39.99 – here’s how it worked for us.

IMO Q2 Pro

First Mobile Phone

The summer term, and middle boy is in his last term of primary school. He wants more freedom to go out with his friends, and to keep in touch with them too. We have always said he could have a phone in his last summer at primary school. The first steps toward being more independent in preparation for secondary school. We wanted him to understand how to use the phone in an acceptable manner – and get used to not over using his data and minutes.

The IMO Q2 Pro is available on Pay As You Go with EE. EE offer bundles which you can either have top up automatically each month, or just buy credit and if required select a new bundle each month – depending on what you’d like to spend. I’ve found the reoccurring bundles work well, as I don’t have to worry about remembering to top up.

IMO Q2 Pro

Easy to set up – once we worked out how to insert the SIM card! It was easy to download and install the apps my son wanted. The phone is compact – so it doesn’t have the largest screen, but for general use it is fine. With 16gb there is adequate space for most apps but we did notice it struggled a little with a bigger game. This frustrated the 11year old somewhat, until he was reminded that this is a phone not a games console.

The camera is good, in daylight the photos come out very well. It may not be up to the standard of more expensive phones, but at the cost of this phone, versus others, we can live with this!

Overall thoughts.

The phone costs under £40, it makes clear phonecalls and is easy to use to text or search the web. Gaming it worked for, but I wouldn’t recommend it for an avid gamer. I think our main concern was the screen scratched quite easily as it is plastic. Something easily overcome with a screen cover. Value for money, at a time when most families are feeling the pinch financially, the IMO Q2 Pro provides everything a smart phone needs – on a budget.