Huggies Hygeine Mat – Swim Bag Essential!

I love taking the boys swimming, I think it’s great for them and it’s good for me! However, trying to change everyone is often a nightmare, and while I’m sorting the eldest out, I often discover the youngest sat on the changing room floor which with the best will in the world is not the cleanest place to sit!

Huggies have created an ingenious little mat, which is handy to pack into your swim bag, it looks cute and unfolds easily! It’s made of a neoprene type fabric, and has a rubberised back so it grips to the floor even when wet. 

Even when wet, the mat folds back up easily, and doesn’t drip water so it’s easy to take along in your swim bag! It dries easily and is machine washable so can be kept really clean! On my last trip to the supermarket I noticed they were for sale next to the Little Swimmers, and I have to say I would happily recommend this as a great way to make taking your little one swimming as you can safely pop them on the mat while you get yourself changed or even just while you find their clothes!


Thanks to Huggies for sending us a Hygiene Mat, we’re impressed! Huggies Hygiene Mats are available in two designs from all good stores now!

Ms G x