Hapi Bottle

Days outside are days well spent. Whatever the weather, our moods improve when we lose ourselves outside in the countryside. When we head out, I always pack a rucksack, and as the children are getting older they carry their own. Usually the contents of our rucksacks are; waterproof jackets, snacks, first aid kit, torch and a flask. Carrying a flask of hot drink has been a game changer. Especially since we were gifted a Hapi Bottle.

Hapi Bottle – on the go.

Hapi Bottle, is a fabulous reusable bottle which can keep drinks cool, or hot. I think we’ve all become aware of the benefits of reusable bottles. They reduce plastic waste, and save us money while on days out too. Many coffee shops offer a discount if you take your own reusable, and refilling water bottles has become the “norm”. So, a reusable bottle is always an essential, but for us never more so than on a day out walking.

 The happi bottle has a slim design meaning it is easy to carry – whether in your hand, in a drinks holder on your bike, or in your backpack. The cleverest thing about the Hapi bottle is the lock system, which means it won’t leak – even when tipped upside down in your bag. It’s ideal for days out with the family, keeping hot chocolate warm for hours in winter – just remember your cups and marshmallows – if you’re planning to share! 

Popular with all the family

I have to be honest, the Hapi bottle has been claimed by the teen, he loves the colour, the design and the anti-leak lock. The sleek design compared to other bottles means he finds it easier to stash in his rucksack while out with friends. 

The bottle neck is wide enough that it is easy to clean with a bottle brush, but Hapi bottles aren’t dishwasher friendly so do make sure you hand wash!