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Eco living, choosing sustainable goods.

Have you ever considered the impact your cleaning equipment or camping crockery has on the environment? Buying a dustpan and brush, you know you will have a certain amount of years usage, but when it breaks it will end up in landfill. New plastic ending up in landfill can never be a good thing. So what if your cleaning equipment was made from recycled materials?



Greener cleaner brushes and accessories are made from wood pulp and recycled plastics. This means that they aren’t adding to the masses of new plastics bought daily which will ultimately end up in landfill. Available in a range of colours, each piece in the collection is comfortable to hold and works well.

Do they work?

I was a little dubious of the duster, it looks a little like shredded bin bags as the duster, but actually it works really well, and I prefer it to my microfibre duster. The brushes have quite firm bristles ideal for tackling grime! The dustpan and brush are really sturdy, and it’s easy to sweep into the pan. I was uncertain about the multipurpose cloths, they were perhaps my least favourite item, but they did improve after washing! They are also very good value!


Living Eco Dining

Living Eco Dining, makes a selection of plates, bowls, cups etc from bamboo & corn starch. This means they are 100% sustainable!

I have been really Impressed!  They can go in the dishwasher. They feel much nicer than melamine.  Possibly most importantly,  they look fabulous.  Whether you want them for home, garden or camping they are brilliant. The range is available in a variety of colours, and they all blend in nicely colour wise!


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