Happy Birthday Pat!!

When I was about 3, I was given a pull along Postman Pat van, which was also a shape sorter. I loved it, long after I’d out grown a shape sorter I would drag this little red van around everywhere and make little letters to deliver to my dolls. Postman Pat was always on at around the time I was sat down for lunch after a morning at play school, and I would sit transfixed watching Pat making his deliveries – I always loved the episodes involving Ted the farmer!

Luckily for me, Boo is rather keen on Postman Pat too, so I have an excuse to relive my youth and watch still with much the same delight Pat on his rounds! Of course, like me things have changed for Postman Pat and in fact he has a Special Delivery Service now with lots of technology to help him, and complete with an even catchier theme tune!

Boo took great delight in tearing open a large parcel the other day, and pulled out to both of our surprise a large red SDS Postman Pat Van! While Boo ran around squealing with delight, I was able to read the enclosed paperwork and gasp as I realised Postman Pat is going to be 30 years old on 16th September 2011!

To celebrate Postman Pat turning 30 years Old, he is asking children to send him a Birthday card! Any child who sends him a card will receive a reply from the man himself, via Email!

To send Postman Pat a birthday card or drawing, make sure you include a valid email address and your child’s name and send them to:

Postman Pat
Evolution PR
The Abbey Centre
NN11 4XG