Elmo & The Bookaneers! DVD review!

We received a new release DVD from @abbeykids to review, and as the weather has been less than brilliant, it has arrived at an ideal time!

Elmo & the Bookaneers focuses on a group of pirates who love to read – the Bookaneers! I must admit, I am quite impressed, as the content is not only fun but very educational, within the first few minutes the DVD introduces the word ‘Squid’ and the alphabet – although i was disappointed that the alphabet was merely recited and not sung! 

More familiar to Boo, Bert and Ernie feature in a short pirate themed feature, and the entire DVD contains plenty of songs which Boo has started to sing much to my delight! Boo didn’t speak properly until about 10months ago, and his speaking is still poor for age 3, so I am in favour of anything which will inspire his language skills!

Boo is quite a good tester for DVDs, as his attention span for watching the television is well, non-existent! However he is sat watching Elmo for at least the 4th time, with delight while I type this, and singing the catchy song ‘Pirates who love to Read’.

The Bookaneers take a trip to the library, something which I have never done with Boo (we have an abundance of books – i have a book obsession!) but something he is now curious about and so i think we will have to visit!

In summary, this is a fantastic DVD to encourage young readers, it also appears to help with language skills, and most importantly inspires little imaginations to grow! Perfect for giving your little one a helping hand before the new school term!

 It is available from all good DVD stockists now RRP: £5.99