On a Bumpy Road..Weaning..

Elvis is 7months, and has always been great at eating solids until last week that is, when he decided they weren’t for him. I still have no idea what caused his sudden and rather worrying burst of anxiety whenever faced with anything which wasn’t a bottle of milk at mealtimes. Bowls of puree have been flying across the room as his temper flared and my patience was tested to the limit, especially with Boo being helpful with such comments as ‘I don’t think he wants that Mummy’…

 I have discovered if I can get big brother Boo to sit with him and eat the same things, we get a better result but sometimes Boo is less accommodating and doesn’t want to eat ‘baby food’. So here I am sitting on a Sunday afternoon with a terrible head ache, wondering what delight to tempt Elvis with next?  I’m reminding myself that tomorrow is another day, he won’t starve while he’s on formula and he will eat if he eats with us which although logistically is a nightmare, at least shows he is a social eater!

Progress today, breakfast was eaten without much fuss and a partially mashed banana was devoured for lunch. He appears to want chunky textures to chew on, and has missed that in between stage entirely, I think left to himself he’d tuck into a big cheese sandwich! So for today at least, weaning is making steady progress again. Time for me to get my thinking cap on, to keep his taste buds happy!