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Grow your own vegetables with kids

I’ve grown increasingly frustrated buying vegetables from the supermarket. They are often over packaged, have travelled half way around the world, and lack the flavour I am expecting. Earlier in the year I vowed to start growing more of our own fruit and vegetables. I am particularly focusing on vegetables, as I really want my children to enjoy eating them!

Why get the children to join in?

It occurred to me that really, the children need to help with planting the seeds and tending to the plants. By encouraging the children to join in with growing the vegetables, I hope they will be more inclined to sample the produce! It’s also quite important that children learn that vegetables need to be grown, and not just bought from a shop!

What do we need to start growing vegetables?

A patch of garden to create your vegetable patch or containers if your garden is very small. Seeds for your chosen vegetables. Somewhere to grow your seeds into seedlings ready to plant, a polytunnel is ideal! It can also be used to grow more delicate fruits and vegetables which need protecting from the weather.

You’ll also need basic gardening tools e.g. gardening gloves, spade, watering can. Plus a little time and patience! Just remember it’s an excellent way to encourage children outside for a few hours!

Is growing vegetables complicated?

I am quite a novice myself, but I know there are certain vegetables which are harder to grow than others. I will be avoiding parsnips as they are apparently hard to grow! Instead we will start with potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, radishes and see how we get on. I think the key is to not be over ambitious! There are some great guides to help with growing, personally I love Monty Don’s books as he keeps things simple!

Will you try to grow your own this year?


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