Easter Family Fun

I’m not sure about you, but we are counting down to the Easter holidays! A break from the school run and an excuse to eat chocolate thanks to a visit from the Easter bunny! So what’s on our to do list this Easter?

Image: Thorntons

Easter Crafts

Before we start eating those chocolate eggs, I thought it’d be fun to create some fun Easter Crafts to decorate the sitting room. Every year we have a go at blowing and painting our own eggs, but as the children get older they want something a little more challenging. I spotted some fun egg sculptures which I thought were great fun for all ages so we will probably have a go at these!

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter isn’t Easter in our house without an egg hunt! We usually hide lots of little Easter eggs  and one big egg for each person. In the interest of fairness we try to assign each person hunting for eggs a colour so they only gather their own eggs! Make sure you provide everyone with a basket or bag to collect their eggs in too!

Now, as they children grow up or if you’re a big kid (like me!) you can make the hunt more interesting by providing clues for the children to follow to find the eggs. You could right the clues as riddles if you have time! This also works really well if you are hunting in the rain, as the final clue could take you indoors to collect your prize!

Easter Baking

I love baking at Easter! It can also be a super way to use up excess chocolate – if there is such a thing! We usually make a batch of hot cross buns and of course some chocolate nests! But this year we will also be having a go at making a big chocolate cake for Easter Sunday tea!

Do you have family fun plans for Easter? Do let me know!


Disclaimer: Collaborative post.