Greener Living in 2018?

Collaborative Post

Our Christmas was spent marred by ill health. While I had the flu jab to help protect me in pregnancy, whatever strain of this flu like bug was not the one I was protected against. I spent Christmas asleep on the sofa under a blanket.  Mr G did much the same to see in the New Year, yes I like to share, even my germs.

The benefit of illness has been I have found time to sit and read while Mr G has lay shivering on the sofa over the last few days. I picked up a copy of How Green Are my Wellies at a charity shop before Christmas, for the princely sum of 90 pence. It’s beautifully written, and an easy read, and has sought to remind me how “green” we are as a family. It also made me wonder whether we could be Greener Living in 2018?


I am hoping to make us a little more self-sufficient. We could grow so much more of our food. I’m not sure why we don’t. We love gathering our Raspberry crops, and apples. We have 4 hens who lay us more eggs than we manage to eat in a week. But, we don’t grow our vegetables. Oh, and our compost bin is in serious need of some TLC..

I’m hoping to plant potatoes, and some tomato plants. A realistic start though I’m secretly hoping to grow much more. I’m also planning on investigating in a wormery to deal with food waste – and revitalise our composting! Food waste is something we are quite good at controlling, mostly through meal planning.

I am fed up of plastic waste which comes with food, even when you think you have selected an item which is relatively unpackaged. There’s been lots of press about this, and I’m pleased to see Iceland planning to get rid of plastic waste from their own brand products, though does it really need to take so long to roll out? As consumers I think taking steps to avoid buying products with excessive plastic packaging is vital. If we don’t buy it does it make a difference? I think so.

Ethical Fashion

Clothing, this year we have focused a lot on making our wardrobes more ethical. Each of us have wonderful wardrobes, which are a mixture of ethical brands and thrifted clothes mostly from Charity shops. I am now quite savvy at having a permanent list of “needs” to keep my eyes peeled for when charity shopping. These are usually things like coats, or jeans. I am also learning that with some patience, I am actually not bad at making basic alterations. Though I confess, 2018 needs to be the year I really try to learn more about my sewing machine!

Green Beauty

This is something I used to be very focused on. But, I don’t mind admitting that in recent months I have slipped back into bad habits. Picking up that old favourite which is full of chemicals, and packaged in plastic. I want to experiment with more naked products, trying out Lush solid shampoos, and finding some alternative make up brands too.

Financial gain?

I expect to see this year costing more as we spend money on things to make us a little more self sufficient. However, I think that within 2 years we will actually save money. I suppose I should really keep a record of spending, as I’m sure going green can also be a frugal option.

Are you aiming for a greener 2018??