Just Mustard – Cool Stationery

I am a self-confessed stationery geek. There’s something I find so special about the first words written in a new notebook, or with a snazzy pen. I admit that I love finding stationery which is a bit different, so I was excited to discover Mustard.

Dinosaur Highlighter and Rainbow Sticky Notes


Would you believe that T-Rex is actually a highlighter pen? Perfect for aiding with revision or helping with homework! He may look like he belongs in the playroom, but that dinosaur is an essential for the pencil case! It’s part of the T-Rex collection, a range of stationery and lifestyle products which I think are “roarsome”..! The rainbow in the background is actually a pack of sticky notes. We have found the sticky notes perfect to brighten up homework! They’re really sticky, and work well as page markers too.

Sophisticated Stationery

If you’re looking for a sophisticated collection of stationery,  I think that the Marble collection is just that! I was really intrigued by the notebooks, the design is so cool that I almost thought the book would be cold to touch! The notebooks are ideal to fit in your handbag as they’re small and slim. I found the paper is lovely quality, and I have used one of the notebooks to create a record of phone numbers!


Drinks Bottles and Lunch Boxes..

With more and more of us wanting to move away from disposable drinks bottles, it’s time to invest in a great re-useable bottle! I was sent a fruit infusing water bottle, with a watermelon design – is it just me that instantly thought of *that* scene in Dirty Dancing?! If you’re a reluctant water drinker, you need a fruit infusing bottle! I have enjoyed choosing different fruit to add to the bottle, (frozen fruit works well!) and I like the fact that you can use the bottle without fruit too!

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

I was also sent a love a T-Rex lunchbox, and at £10 I think it is quite good value. Perfect if you’re trying to save money taking your own lunch to work! It’s a good sized lunch box and would work well on its own or in a lunch bag. The base of the lunch box can go in the microwave, and the box can be used in the freezer too.


Overall thoughts..

The real test is would I buy from Mustard? I can honestly answer yes, I think they provide a more grown up alternative to Smiggle. For me, the products are fun and practical. My favourite product is the Lucky Cat pencil case which attaches to a book. No more lost leaking pens in the bottom of my handbag!


Disclaimer: I was gifted a selection of products from Mustard. All thoughts and opinions are my own.