First Words..

Mr G and I have started to get excited, as E has started to make sounds which sound like words.. In truth, he has quickly gone from babbling and now definitely says certain words.. Daddy, Mama, Ducky (his favourite bath toy) Socks, and Biscuit. He’s 18months, and the words started about a month ago with Mama and Dada, but I tried not to get to excited after Boo didn’t speak until he was 2 and a half almost 3, infact nothing apart from “juice” was uttered until E arrived, and he had to make himself heard! 

This week the words from E have started to come quickly. To my amazement he picked up his teddy (Pooh Bear) and started saying “weee Pooh” ok, so he wasn’t very accurate but it was getting there and provided me with entertainment as I tried to get him to say “winnie” and ended up with “weee-wee”. Now he happily squeals ‘Winnie the Pooh!’ Whenever he sees Pooh Bear and even pointed it out on his Huggies Nappy this morning! Obviously words that get used the most are coming first, and I can’t help but laugh that Winnie the Pooh obviously is a popular name in our house! I must try to capture a video of him shouting it while he’s still small and cute!

With the start of E talking, I’ve noticed a change in his temperament, he’s gone from being quite happy and content to easily frustrated when he doesn’t get what he wants! He’ll yell and shriek while I stand trying to work out what it is he is trying to say, then when he gets it he stares at me in wonder as to why it took so long for me to work out what he wanted in the first place! So, now I have the tantrums to deal with, just as things were starting to get easy a new challenge in parenting arrives. Yes, I know I’ve done it before, but the boys are so different, I need a fresh approach!