Don’t make me walk the plank!!

It’s 9.30am and I’m already wondering if it is bedtime for the boys? Sadly it is a fairly bright winter morning, and there is no way I could convince either of them that it is time for bed. There is no particular reason for me being so ridiculously tired, I’ve not run a marathon or been out to a party late with friends..but no..it is just that part of motherhood where you feel exhausted but daren’t admit it, for fear of being deemed a failure. So I’m sat here with an exceptionally strong cup of coffee, trying to think of ways to stay awake.

The pushing and shoving we encountered a few months ago between Boo and Elvis has begun to subside. Boo now respects Elvis a little more, or should I say Elvis has worked out that he needs to get back up so quickly that it isn’t quite such fun to push him over. Boo still isn’t keen to share, his cars are his and not to be played with by Elvis, but he now accepts that Elvis needs something to play with and will allow him a fire truck or a share of the lego. They are constantly up to mischief, if I look away Boo is opening up a gap for Elvis to clamber behind the sofa and then Boo will close the gap up while Elvis sits and giggles. Although I’m not sure how long he would giggle for when he realised his big brother had actually deliberately abandoned him in that dark corner! I feel as though I am continually picking up Elvis and returning him to the relative safety of the large soft rug which lines our sitting room and trying to out wit my 3year old in the process. Anyone else struggle with outwitting their 3year old at times?!

While I’m writing this, Boo is dressed as a pirate (complete with the essential woolly hat which I am informed all pirates must wear so as their ears don’t get too cold) and sat on a pile of blankets surrounded by teddies which is otherwise known as the pirate ship and of course Boo’s crew. Elvis keeps being told to ‘man the cannons’ which makes him giggle and squeal with delight. I am having to keep a careful eye on Boo, or before I know it I’ll be walking the plank or tied to the ships mast..one way or another I fear I might meet a sticky end. You see Mummy isn’t allowed to be a pirate, Daddy would be allowed the role of ship Captain, where I on the other hand will be lucky to land the role of ‘the baddie’. Actually, this is a good enough reason to stay awake as Boo has just appeared with a shark puppet..

It’s days like today, when however tired I am, however chaotic and untidy the house, seeing such thriving imaginations makes me smile. I realise that however bad a job of parenting I fear I might be doing, I must be doing something right, as I have two very happy boys, who play so well together that I’m sat watching with delight waiting to be allowed into their game even if it does mean I have to walk the plank!