Do your children write thank you letters?

I was always encouraged to write Thank you letters after Christmas and Birthdays as a child, but it seems to be out of favour at the moment? Only one of my friends encourages her child to write thank you letters. I wondered how many people will be encouraging their children to do the same? Or do you have a different method to thank friends and relatives for presents who aren’t with you when the presents get opened?

Boo has started to write so I decided we should write a simple thank you to people who have given him a lovely gift over the Christmas period. He decided he wanted to make the cards himself, and made pretty ‘flowers’ to write on (a nightmare to fit in envelopes..), they are simple to make and I hope will bring a smile to Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles! Boo really enjoyed writing ‘Thank you’ and making the cards while remembering what each person had given him and talking about how lucky he has been. It was a lovely afternoon activity, and while they might not be the most artistic flowers, I’m hugely proud of his writing skills!

Ms G xx