Do you make time to read?

Do you get time to read? I was asked today as I was attempting to comfort my 8 week old daughter who was crying and flustered post 8 week immunisations. My face must have answered the question, as I then heard the phrase “Oh I guess you don’t at the moment..” and I sighed and replied that no I haven’t read in a while. I then thought about it, and thought about the fact that I haven’t sat down to read in a long time.


I have a small pile of books ready to read, and a few books on my kindle, but somehow I don’t ever get round to reading them. I used to adore reading, I was book hungry and would finish one book and move onto another instantly, I never went anywhere without some form of literature to keep me busy. Now though, I don’t seem to allow myself the escapism of a book, preferring instead to slump infront of the computer and read the news or perhaps a blog post or two. But it isn’t the same, I don’t get taken into another world, I don’t get forced to wonder what will happen next and avidly read on in bed just to get to the next chapter while telling myself I should really be attempting to sleep –  but how could I sleep not knowing what will happen next?! I feel disappointed with myself, that while I am sat listening to my 6 year old reading Roald Dahl I am not taking the time to read myself. So, I am setting myself a challenge to read a book a week between now and Christmas. Will I manage? I don’t know.. but I’ll keep you updated!