Crufts 2012 – We’re counting down!

As I’ve mentioned previously we’re going to be visiting Crufts this year, and as we’ve never been before we’re quite excited! 

I’ve spent a while looking at what’s on, and I’ve already planned that I want to see the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in the GCDS Ring, and the Defence Animal Centre Dogs to! I know Boo would like to see some of the Young Kennel Club at work, as some of the handlers will be as young as 6, who knows maybe in a couple of years that could be Boo? Mr G is keen to see everything, and so I’ll be tweeting as much as I can while we go around! 

I can’t believe how much is on, will we get to see it all?! I hope I have time to shop as well, as I’m on the look out for some great dog gifts! Crufts 2012 starts tomorrow – Thursday 8th March!