Confession of a mother in summer.. #TheGoodStuff

I love the long summer holiday, it’s wonderful to have no school runs, and lots of family time! However.. I don’t love the art of creating a great big mess which the children have perfected so beautifully.. Who knew that 3 children could create quite so much mess in literally minutes! So, how do I cope as a busy Mum over the long summer holiday?
Well, there’s one thing which I find makes my life SO much easier, and it’s get them to eat outside. Literally.. turn everything into a picnic! For example, you go to visit the grandparents, perfect they can eat there.. picnic in Grandad’s garden – hooray! (You don’t even need to provide the food for that one!!) Playdate comes over, picnic in the playhouse.. (aka the normal lunch they’d get but in tupperwear boxes..) let them drop the crumbs in the garden – the playhouse is great on a rainy day! Day out.. yes the banana and cheese portions you buy from the petrol station along the way.. the perfect car picnic..

Daily picnics keep the house cleaner and tidier, the children love them and I don’t hear “I don’t want to eat that..” quite so often! It also encourages me to get the children outside as often as possible – no sitting infront of the tv!! It’s a win, win scenario! What’s not to love about daily picnics?! They don’t need to be inspirational pack ups, though obviously if you have more time that’s even better! I can’t wait until the summer holidays and our daily picnics..where shall the first one be this year?!

Toasted Marshmallows


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