Cabin fever setting in? Your guide to Winter weekends with the kids

Collaborative Post.

Rainy weekends, freezing temperatures and miserable weather – it seems like all the decent weather happens when everyone is at work or at school so when the weekend arrives we’re all seemingly stuck indoors, and the kids start to climb the walls…You can keep them busy by helping you around the house, changing the duvets for winter ones, getting them to tidy their rooms, helping you with the washing up and putting the mountains of clothes away, but that’ll only stretch so far.

Once you’ve prepped your home for winter, got out all the extra blankets, put the garden furniture away and stocked up on logs for your stove or oil from for your oil fired boiler, you might be wondering how you’re going to entertain them all…well, don’t worry – read on for your guide to winter fun with the kids and kick that cabin fever to the kerb.

Make homemade bird feeders

Birds and small animals can struggle during the winter months, so why not give nature a little helping hand and get the kids involved? With just a few simple pieces of equipment and basic materials, you can build your own bird feeders and fill them will all the nuts and seeds that local wildlife will love. If you’re not a creative type, don’t worry – you can pick up bird feeders in local shops. You can spend hours making a note of the animals that come to visit.

Make a hot chocolate station

Is there anything more comforting than a warm mug of hot chocolate on a cold and wintery afternoon? Well, why not make it more fun? Make a hot choc station, where little ones can fill their own mug (under safe supervision of course) and go around a table filling it with various sweets, marshmallows and other toppings. Don’t forget the whipped cream and sprinkles!

Make a fashion show

A lot of us clear out our closets after the summer and donate items to charity. Before they head off to their new owners, you could produce your very own fashion show with the kids. Make a runway in the living room, take pictures – ask them to smile – or not! You could even let the kids do each other’s make up, if you dare!

Plan for Halloween

It’s never to early to start planning for the festivities ahead. So, with Halloween fast approaching, why not spend an afternoon planning a family Halloween party with the kids? You could get them making decorations (there are colouring print outs online), and even plan a spooky food menu. If you’re feeling super creative, make a start on their costumes.

Have a story hour

We all know how important reading to our children is. But we seem to have so little time for it. If you want some quiet, then set a “story hour”. Create a reading corner and gather the kids around you, they could choose a book each, or you could choose. Afterwards, discuss the story. It’ll pass more time than you think.