Breastfeeding.. First weeks..

Baby Yo is 7 weeks old (where has time flown?!) and I’m still breastfeeding her – hooray!  Breastfeeding is now comfortable, I’ll be honest it hurt for the first 4 weeks this time and I had at least 3 days of wanting to give it all up. Every threw suggestions at me for what was wrong, but there wasn’t anything wrong, it just..hurt. Pain, exhaustion and a hungry baby who is fussing around your nipples bringing tears to your eyes is enough to make you wonder what you are doing attempting to do this ludicrous breastfeeding thing. But sticking at it by crying to a friend that “my tits hurt” and eating my own body weight in chocolate has seen us come out of the unhappy, uncomfortable stage and I’m finally starting to enjoy being able to have cuddles with my baby daughter!

I’m still waiting for the breastfeeding makes you lose weight thing to happen, I’m sure I weigh more than I did after I first gave birth.. I find breastfeeding does make me incredibly hungry, and I know I tend to snack on whatever I can lay my hands on rather than the healthy treats I should! My back is playing up too, making moving around difficult – literally standing up from a chair reduces me to tears, this of course does not help matters of the wasitline!

E is being a typical 3 year old, he has started to want to play with Yo, and I have had to explain that she’s very small and she likes to watch him play. However, being 3, he doesn’t always listen, which means I have to make sure if I nip to the loo one or both of them is having to come with me.. oh the joys of parenthood! E has also started to realise he is no longer the centre of attention, he’s OK when it’s the 3 of us, but when his big brother gets home from school E plays up. I find this really tough as I want to hear about B’s school day but find myself having to referee as B tries to evade E who is hollering at B and waving his arms. I feel bad, even though I know it’s “normal” I feel as though I ought to be able to time manage myself better. I have been seriously contemplating whether breastfeeding needs to stop, so I would have more time exclusively for the older two?