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How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy in the Autumn


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There can be many reasons why the autumn months can lead to poor oral health. Not only are there a lot of sugary treats around this season, the cooler weather also means people play more sports, which can lead to all sorts of dental emergencies. Here are some tips for ensuring you protect your teeth during the autumn.

  1. Look out for sugary treats

Sugary treats can be all around you in the autumn months. When you attend food festivals and get-togethers, there are often lots of tempting desserts, and the colder weather may mean you’re craving a sugar fix. However, treats such as sugary drinks are bad for your teeth and can contribute to dental problems. Try to limit the amount of sugar you eat and enjoy a balanced diet.

  1. See a dentist if you have any pain or swelling

Your six-monthly check-up is obviously important, which may be more or less regular depending on your oral health, but you should also make sure you see a dentist quickly if you have any issues. Make sure you have the phone number of an emergency dentist Sydney CBD clinic in case you have pain, swelling or any other issues with your mouth. In many cases, the quicker you get looked at, the better the outcome, so don’t put it off.

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  1. Remember tea and coffee should also be limited

With the cooler weather hitting, people will be drinking a lot more tea and coffee, which can cause many issues:

• The added sugar or sweetener can cause tooth decay
• Many seasonal coffees are also packed with syrup and whipped cream, making the effects worse
• Tea and coffee can both stain your teeth and turn them yellow
• Any drinks other than water can help cause erosion of teeth
• Coffee can cause bad breath

Therefore, it’s better for your health to choose non-sugary versions of tea and coffee, and to limit the amounts you consume, ensuring you get plenty of water in-between.

Hot chocolate is another treat to look out for in autumn. While it may be delicious, it can be loaded with sugar, especially if you buy it from a coffee shop.

  1. Be careful when playing sports

Autumn is a popular time of year to play sports, whether it’s chucking a ball around in the yard or joining a team. Sports can keep you healthy, but certain sports can pose a risk to your teeth, whether they are knocked in a collision, or because you’ve been hit by a ball. It’s important to learn dental first aid and make sure you have dental supplies as part of your first aid kit.

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You can also avoid injuries by wearing a mouth guard. A mouth guard is inexpensive and can be made by a dentist, saving you a lot of pain if you get hit by an object.

Make sure your autumn isn’t ruined by dental issues by following the above tips. From watching what you eat, to being careful when playing sports, there are many ways you can ensure you have a memorable autumn for the right reasons, and not because of an emergency.