Baby car seat shade – SnoozeShade for Infant Carrier

I was sent a SnoozeShade for an infant car seat while I was still pregnant, I remember thinking it’d be fabulous to protect my tiny newborn from the heat of the summer. Then of course the weather quickly broke, the rain and wind began and it was rapidly Autumn. The snoozeshade became invaluable as soon as Autumn began, and here’s why!

Autumn spells the start of the sun being lower in the sky, and while it may not be as hot it is more annoying to a small baby, so the snooze shade protected my little bundle of joy from the harsh brightness of low sun on the school runs. The SnoozeShade protects against 99% of UV rays, so it’s great for protecting your little one in strong sunshine.


My eldest son’s school is situated on a hill, it is incredibly windy and cold there even when it isn’t windy! Instead of  having to wrap baby in a hat and blanket pulled right up, I’ve just zipped up the snoozeshade, she can see out, I can peep in but she’s protected from the cold wind. Yesterday, the wind was howling and the rain was bucketing down, I have lost the rain cover, but the snoozeshade protected Yo from the wind and kept her relatively dry while I reached shelter.


The SnoozeShade is easy to fit to the carseat it just pulls on and secures with two pieces of velcro over the handle of the seat. It has a huge panel at the front which unzips so you can get baby in and out easily and we often leave that unzipped when Yo is awake  or in the car. I have to confess that I wouldn’t have thought of a snoozeshade as a winter essential, but I wouldn’t be without it as it really does protect baby not just from the elements!