When did you last check your tyres?

Driving a car is something I couldn’t wait to do, from about the age of 14 I thought about how lovely it would be to not have to walk the mile to catch a bus that only ran hourly to the local town. When I eventually got my driving license and first car aged 18, I quickly learnt that there was more to driving than just the physical act of actually driving. You suddenly became responsible for your car and had to remember to put fuel in the car, and to check things the water level, oil level and of course the tyres. I think checking the tyres is one of the simplest things to do, I have a gadget which I brought for a few pounds and it tells me what the depth of tread on the tyres is, and it also has a bit to tell me the tyre pressure too. There are things which the gadget won’t do, it won’t tell me if there’s a bulge in the tyre, or if the rubber on the tyre is cracking, so that’s something I have to do myself, by looking at each tyre and running my hand over it. If in doubt, I replace the tyre, as it’s such a simple job, and to be safe I think you really do need the right tyres on your car as the wrong tyres could contribute to causing an accident. Point S offersgreat value tyres and you can book car tyres online from Point S and have them fitted at a local tyre dealer near you – they have 5 fitters near me!

I like the ease of being able to order my tyres on line, no more having to go to the garage for my tyres to be out of stock and then having to back a couple of days later, ordering online in advance can make things much quicker! So, when did you last check your tyres? And if in doubt, get them checked by a professional, don’t wait until you’re stuck by the side of the road, or have had an accident, check your tyres frequently! Oh, and don’t forget to check your spare tyre too..


Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own, collaborative post.