babymoov touchscreen video monitor – review

Baby monitors, I find them a bit confusing, they all promise to do different things, and even though Yo is our 3rd child, we’re still not sure what we need in a baby monitor! I got the chance to review the Babymoov touch screen video monitor, and I leapt at it as it offers so many features that it was sure to do the job!

The babymoov touchscreen video monitor features:


  • 3.5’’ touch-screen numerical quality image
  • Range: 250 m
  • VOX function: voice-activation
  • Walkie-talkie function
  • SD card reader, TV connection and USB port
  • 3 lullabies and nightlight that can be switched on and off remotely
  • Programmable alarms and  motion detector
  • Direction adjustable camera (up and down)
  • The screen can be divided into 4 sections – Screen short cut


What we thought!

You get a camera, touchscreen monitor and two chargers. The touchscreen is a rechargable unit, and the camera is plugged into the mains during use. It is really easy to link the camera to the hand held touchscreen unit, they’re pre ‘paired’ so no messing around trying to “find” the partner unit! You can also link upto 3 more cameras to the touchscreen unit, although we’ve not done this (yet!). Setting up is easy, you do need to charge the touchscreen for 3 hours before using it though!

The image quality is really good, even in darkness the images are superb! To show you just how good, I’ve got our black cat to model while as he was in the bedroom while the lights were out!.

Image taken from touchscreen monitor of babymoov
Image taken in darknes via babymoov touchscreen monitor

As you can see the image even in the dark is really clear, and ou can easily make out the image of our cat, which a normal camera wouldn’t. The clarity of the picture offers me peace of mind while Yo is in bed and I’m cooking dinner. I’ve also used it for the boys when one of them was poorly, so when they stirred in the night I could see if they were OK or needed me to race in – I tend to race in and wake them up..! I think the temperature display is very handy, especially as we live in a very cold house so the bedrooms frequently drop below the recommended temperature if we’re not monitoring the temperature.

The walkie talkie function is really lovely, and although Yo is still a little young I can soothe her while I am walking to pick her up from her nap! I suspect when she is a little older this will be a great function – certainly the boys love it and if they’re feeling off colour ask if they can use the baby monitor to communicate with us.. maybe we do need another camera?!

The night light on the camera is really great – especially being able to turn it on or off remotely so once Yo is asleep we can turn it off without disturbing her. It’s a nice warm light, which is bright enough to be useful without disturbing sleep.


I have to say, I really appreciate the babymoov touchscreen monitor, it’s so easy to use and definitely gives me a little more peace of mind. The touchscreen unit itself is really easy to use, with fairly obvious symbols to follow! The touchand can be stood up if required. It lights up when it detects motion in the room, which is a feature I know is fantastic for when you make the transition from cot to bed and start playing the putting the toddler back into bed game!
In summary, the babymoov touchscreen monitor is a fantastic baby monitor, which will grow with our child and various functions will be . I can see it having various benefits throughout the next 5 years and beyond!

Check out the babymoov touchscreen monitor video here: