Baby Babbling with Huggies

If you’ve seen the adverts for Huggies featuring Alfie the baby, you’ll have no doubt giggled along with me! I know that I could certainly use some subtitles for what Elvis is saying when he starts to babble, as he certainly is saying something very important and will wave his hands and emphasise noises as he’s really getting ready to start talking! I find all the babbling amazing, as Boo really wasn’t a babbling baby, rather than make noises he’d express himself by screaming! He eventually started babbling, but he was about 18months when he started, he seemed to do all the physical things first – he was walking by 9months..! Elvis seemed to start babbling at about 4months, and now he’s only quiet when he’s doing something naughty!
Anyway, Huggies clearly had loads of fun filming their advert for the new Dry lock feature with Alfie the baby and his friends, and here is a fabulous film showing some behind the scenes footage:


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